Plastic free hotel amenities - solid shampoo
Plastic-free 2 in 1 solid shampoo bars for hotels

Plastic-free solid shampoo bars designed for hotels

Organic. Plastic-Free. Innovative. Multifunctional. Hydrating.

The latest trend in sustainable guest amenities that your clients in the know will thank you for. Concentrated without water, our eco-luxury solid shampoo bars eliminate the need for plastic bottles. Better for the environment. Ideal for hair and skin. We also offer the possibility to create a custom designed collection of solid cosmetics with your logo in sizes from 15g up to 100g made with your choice of fragrance and choice of packaging.

Our solid shampoo bars are plastic free, containing shampoo and shower gel in a solid form, designed for hotels. The solid shampoo bar has a similar formulation to our natural bottled shampoos with up to 93% natural ingredients and is perfectly suited for both hair and body washing

Multifunctional and zero waste, this product can replace several bottled products and the price for a 15g shampoo bar is comparable to traditional 30 ml bottles.

Up To 93% Natural Origin Ingredients

Made from natural ingredients and highly concentrated active botanical ingredients , so you only need a small amount to cleanse your hair or skin. pH balanced and a generous soap free lather.

Multifunctional, 2 in 1

An extra conditioning formula makes it ideal as a shampoo, body wash and soap for hands and face. Great also as a shaving cream.

Plastic free & Zero Waste

Our shampoo bars are placed nude in a recyclable FSC carton box or wrapped with paper or biodegradable options.

Pratical & Economical

No plastic sorting or refills required. An affordable option that will replace several guest products and that will last from 3 to 15 washings depending on the size.

Eco-friendly & Biodegradable

Concentrated without water for a drastically reduced carbon footprint with zero impact on our oceans and ecosystems.

Easy to Use

Wet the surface of the product with ample water, rub with hands to create a rich lather, and then apply the product on the skin or hair using your fingers or a washcloth.

We offer : 

  • A 15g square breakable format perfect for a 1 to 3 night hotel stay and equivalent to a 60ml bottle of classic liquid shampoo starting from 0.48 euros per unit.
  • A 20g round format perfect for a 3 to 5 night stay or for simply a more luxurious amenity offering that your guests can take home with them to finish starting from 0.60 euros per unit.

Combine our solid shampoo bars with complementary plastic-free toiletries

Luxury 10ml dry body oils in glass bottles or PET bottles.  1 euro per unit. (PET bottles) or 1.50 euros per unit (glass bottles)

Pure vegetal paper-wrapped soaps 

We now offer plastic-free trios including one solid shampoo bar,  gentle soap and dry body oil) in an elegant carton box. 

Eliminate plastic in your bathrooms by discovering our plastic-free hotel amenities

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