Welcome your guests in a luxuriously perfumed environment

Discover our luxury hotel room fragrances designed by the French perfumer Olivier Decoster to welcome your clients in a refined universe and create a truly unique guest experience.

We offer a number of room fragrances to reinforce the olfactory ambiance our hotel partners wish to create, each designed to leave their hotel subtly scented. Among them are perfumed trigger sprays and perfumed reed diffusers – each made without phthalates or preservatives.

The key to success is to use an elegant yet subtle scent that is almost untraceable – blending and creating harmony in your rooms as opposed to singularly defining it. Purity, authenticity and elegance are the keywords of inspiration from which our master perfumer has created interior perfumes. All of these products can also be packaged for retail sale for guests to buy and use at home. Choose from one of our five exclusive fragrances.

“In terms of the olfactory senses, the psychological power of scent is proven”, says Olivier Decoster, perfumer and founder of HD Fragrances.

“We work very hard at creating interior fragrances designed to offer guests the ultimate relaxation experience. That first impression when walking into a hotel is so important.”

1 L Refills.

Made in France.

Refillable room trigger spray bottles

Perfume the spaces of your hotel, business, resort with luxury fragrances created by the perfumer Olivier Decoster. Made in France, our signature scents in 250ml refillable “trigger” scent diffusers will create a sophisticated atmosphere in just a few sprays.

Refillable perfumed reed diffusers

Add a high quality long-lasting fragrance to your hotel while adding a decorative touch with our fragrance reed diffusers. Our 250 ml refillable reed diffusers are available for the collections:

  • Côté Sud Parfums “Agrumes de Calabre” ;
  • Côté Sud Parfums “Orange Verte Néroli” ;
  • Bois Précieux ;
  • Zèbre.

With our luxury hotel reed diffusers, you can welcome your customers by offering them a sophisticated olfactory experience while reinforcing the character of your interiors.

Create a custom signature scent for your hotel or company

Our perfumer can also create an olfactory signature scent to suit the distinctive style of your hotel or property.

Request a quote for your hotel and samples of our fragrances

Contact us to request a personalised quote for your hotel or company and samples of our signature scents.

Among our clients

At HD Fragrances, we pride ourselves on using only the finest and highest quality ingredients, carefully sourced from Grasse, renowned as the perfume capital of the world, and other exceptional locations worldwide. Our commitment to excellence extends to our state-of-the-art atelier in Eygalieres, where our room sprays are meticulously filled and prepared, undergoing rigorous quality control measures to ensure an unparalleled experience for our valued customers.

Our hotel scent diffusers offer a seamless and hassle-free experience. With easy-to-use and refillable design, they are crafted with a high concentration of perfume, ensuring a long-lasting and cumulative fragrance that captivates the senses.

Take control of your establishment’s ambiance and decide when and where to refresh your unique signature scent. Embrace the freedom to create a lasting impression on your guests with our highly effective scents.

Room fragrances – olfactory descriptions

Côté Sud Parfums "Agrumes de Calabre" : a sunny fragrance with floral and citrus notes

  • 250 ml refillable trigger sprays and reed diffusers + 1 L refills
  • 20 ml-100 ml boutique format available

This energizing fragrance opens with multiple notes of fresh citrus and bergamot mixed with elegant floral notes that provide a perfect blend of freshness and warmth.

Top notes : Italian Bergamot, Pink grapefruit essence, Orange zest from Brazil, Egyptian geranium essence

Heart notes : Jasmine Absolute, Turkish Rose Absolute

Base notes : java vetiver essence, White Musk

“Bois Précieux” : a woody, spicy and sophisticated fragrance

  • 250 ml refillable trigger sprays and reed diffusers + 1 L refills
  • 20 ml-100 ml boutique format available

This interior fragrance for hotels offers an anthology of noble essences of cedar, sandalwood and cypress, subtly spiced with Ceylon cinnamon, Zanzibar cloves and Guatemalan cardamom. Finally, a touch of vanilla softens this rich of character fragrance.

Top notes: Ceylon cinnamon bark, Madagascar cardamom, cloves, Badiane essence.

Heart notes: rose essence, New Caledonian sandalwood, Atlas cedar.

Base notes: white musk, vanilla.

Majolica "Thé Vert" : a citrusy-floral fragrance that evokes the Amalfi Coast

  • 250 ml refillable trigger sprays and reed diffusers + 1 L refills
  • 20 ml-100 ml boutique format available

On notes of green tea, rare flowers bloom. A woody and musky background supports the whole and gives a fresh light fragrance, soft and discreet as a second skin.

Top notes : Sicilian Bergamot, Pink Grapefruit Essence, Neroli of Egypt, Pepper of Madagascar

Heart notes : Absolute Of Narcissus of the Mountains, Absolute Violet Leaves, Santal Wood, Java Vetiver

Base notes : White Musk

Côté Sud Parfums "Orange Verte Néroli" : a 100 % natural fragrance with fresh citrus essences

  • 250 ml refillable trigger sprays and reed diffusers + 1 L refills
  • 20 ml-100 ml boutique format available

A 100% natural fragrance made up of citrus essences such as bergamot from Messina, tangerine, lemon from Italy and orange from Brazil. These sunny notes are supported by frizzy mint and Moroccan neroli. Finally, a touch of sandalwood lightly fixes the scent.

Top notes : Brazilian orange essence, Messina bergamot, Mandarin essence, Italian lemon essence

Heart notes : Mint, Neroli Petit Grain from Morocco

Base notes : Sandalwood

"Zèbre" : a modern, timeless and refined scent

  • 250 ml refillable trigger sprays and reed diffusers + 1 L refills
  • 20 ml-100 ml boutique format available

A stylish contemporary perfume brimming with sensuality. The woody and amber notes are softened by vibrant flower essences. The touch of citrus notes provides overall freshness.

Top notes : Italian Bergamot, Italian Mandarine, Ylang-ylang, Cardamone, Cinnamon bark 

Heart notes :  Rose Absolute, Iris, Geranium, Atlas Cedar

 Base notes : Cistus Absolute, Vetyver Java, Santal, White Musk

1 L refills for our signature room fragrances

In addition to our hotel fragrance diffusers, are sold economical 1 L refills. 

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