Premium European supplier of luxury hotel toiletries, guest amenities and interior fragrances

Founded in 2009 by the French Perfumer Olivier Decoster, HD Fragrances is today one of the leading European niche providers of hotel amenities  for the hospitality industry.

HD Fragrances is headquartered in France and partners with clients primarily in France and across Europe. From exclusive bed and breakfasts, luxury villas and boutique hotels, up market cruise lines to grand palaces – who appreciate our highly personalized service and are looking to differentiate their properties.

We have become the new name synonymous with the very best in guest toiletries and amenities for the luxury hotel sector – whether it be a custom-designed line or one of our signature collections.

Our signature collections are made entirely in Europe to the most stringent cosmetic standards and were developed to provide hoteliers with an alternative branded solution for their guests. We provide products which are identifiable by their superior quality, unique packaging design and exclusive fragrances and not simply a brand name.

Luxury hotel cosmetics from a French perfumery house

Leveraging our foundation as a French perfumery company, we design and manufacture distinctive interior fragrances and guest amenities for luxury hotels and cruise lines.

We are an integrated high calibre consulting and production company which brings together a leading perfumer with a team of expert new product development advisors, cosmetologists and graphic designers.

Our signature collections

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Meet our Perfumer – One of Europe’s best kept secrets

“I create fragrances that subtly form a memory and evoke the “hotel” experience whenever guests walk into the lobby or their rooms. Our perfumed products are designed to ensure a positive olfactory impression is made and remembered.”

Olivier Decoster, the company’s founder, is highly regarded in the perfume industry, having made a name for himself over the years. More precisely, over the past 25 years, he has created exclusive perfumes for several leading European hotels, fashion, and interior designers.

He apprenticed under a couple of renowned perfume masters in Grasse, a city situated in France, before going on to develop hundreds of fragrances for the cosmetic and skincare industries. Remarkably, he devised premium fragrances for fashion brand like Scapa of Scotland, Olivier Strelli and Mer de Nord, in addition to interior fragrances and scented candles for top interior designers such as Flamant Interiors and Scapa Home.

HD Fragrances was born in 2009 with the aim of leveraging his talents to craft bespoke scents for the untapped luxury hotel sector. Decoster recognized that hotels were passing up the opportunity by not using a custom scent to enhance the quality of their guest toiletries and create a refined olfactory atmosphere that welcomes guests.

Our Product Promise

Hotel cosmetics with clean safe skin friendly ingredients

Our goal is to provide hoteliers with luxury hotel cosmetics that are safe and extra gentle for their guests, responsibly made to the highest possible cosmetic standards and regulatory requirements. We are committed to developing environmentally-friendly clean product formulations, using recyclable packaging and partnering with the most reputable companies that share our company philosophy.

Our standard product formulations do not contain parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, silicone, DEA, TEA, DMDM hydantoine, or methylchloroisothiazolinone. They do feature safe low dosage European approved preservatives, naturally derived USP glycerine, and natural conditioning agents. Our soaps and cosmetic products are perfumed using fragrances that respect the 48th amendment of IFRA standards (no phthalates) and our bottles are made of highly-recyclable, low resin weight PET/HDPE. 

Client References

At present, the company collaborates mostly with 5-stars and 4-stars deluxe French boutique hotels and high-end establishments, with a growing presence across Europe and other parts of the globe. We serve both standalone hotels and select hotel groups in Europe.

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