Offer luxury toiletries & guest amenities with exclusive fragrances designed to ensure an unforgettable stay.

Luxury Hotel Toiletries & Guest Amenities

Offer luxury guest toiletries & amenities with exclusive fragrances designed to ensure an unforgettable stay.

Côté Sud Parfums luxury hotel toiletries

The best partner for luxury hotels & Resorts

HD Fragrances is a French creator and supplier of luxury hotel toiletries, amenities and room fragrances. Since 2009, the company is renowned for its natural, niche toiletry brands, eco-friendly amenities and its bespoke design services.

Our hospitality products are ethically made in France and Italy and distinguish themselves by their high quality, their unique packaging and their exclusive fragrances designed by our perfumer Olivier Decoster. Read more.

Discover why hotels, resorts, B&B’s, villas, vacation rental properties and other prestige clients choose us for their guest toiletries and amenities.

Among our clients

Introducing a new shower dispenser system : the Phantom

Modern. Refillable. Discreet. Practical.

This newly engineered bottle design is securely fixed on a hidden wall support to highlight the beauty of the products. This eco-designed shampoo and shower gel dispenser with a capacity of 300 ml is easy to use, remove and refill. You can monitor the remaining amount of product through a discreet visibility window.

The invisible, easy to assemble and inexpensive ABS wall bracket is sold separately.

The possibility of refilling and its invisible ABS wall support are the major advantages of this large capacity dispenser.

Hotel Shower shampoo Dispensers

Luxury Hotel Toiletries Collections

Discover our ranges of hotel bathroom amenities (shampoo, shower gel, body lotion, hair conditioner) in traditional single-use bottles, refillable 300ml dispenser bottles and 5L refill containers made from up to 98% natural origin ingredients. We also offer bath salts made with Bach flower essences as well as hotel-sized 10ml nourishing dry body oils in glass bottles or 100% PET bottles for hotels willing to complete their offering and stand out.

Côté Sud Parfums "Orange Verte Néroli"

ÊTRE Cosmétique BIO


About Rose Love Letters

Côté Sud Parfums "Agrumes de Calabre"

Plastic-free Toiletries

The latest trend your clients will thank you for. Discover our eco-luxury, organic plastic-free toiletries : multi-functional solid shampoo bars, dry body oils and gentle soaps. Sold separately or in an elegant carton box.

Tailor-made Services

Create a custom amenities collection to suit the distinctive style of your hotel or property. From simply adding your logo to 100% tailor-made cosmetics, we offer personalisation services for toiletries, interior fragrances, skincare products and complementary bathroom accessories.

Amenities and Accessories

We offer a full range of complementary guest amenities including vanity sets, shower caps, paper cups, slippers, bamboo toothbrushes and dental kits.

Perfumed "Trigger" Sprays

Perfumed interior sprays can be particularly effective in neutralising odours for small and moderate hotel spaces such as guest rooms, elevators, lavatories, spa, and corridors. Customization possible.

Luxury Reed Diffusers

Add a touch of character to your interiors with our refillable 250ml refillable hotel scent reed diffusers. Customization possible.

Bath Salts

Offer a memorable luxury experience and stand out with our bath salts made out of the 5 Bach flower essences. Personalisation with your hotel logo is possible.

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