Custom-Designed Hotel Products

Personalised Toiletries Custom Amenities Bespoke Room Fragrances

Are you looking to create a custom-designed collection of hotel toiletries, guest amenities or room fragrances?
We can create an exclusive brand just for you – with every last detail designed to suit the distinctive style and ambiance of your hotel or property. The same passion and creativity used to develop our own signature brands will be used to develop your new collection or signature fragrance.

Custom Toiletries & Amenities

Create a bespoke collection of custom hotel toiletries ( shampoo, conditioner, body wash and soaps) with your choice of either a natural or classic formula. Formulations can be personalised with your choice of ingredients and manufactured either in FRANCE or in ITALY.
We can help you create an exclusive collection of personalised toiletry to welcome your guests. From showcasing your logo and custom label on one of our collections to developing fully personalised guest toiletries with your choice of packaging, our team will guide you through this process. A unique fragrance designed for your most demanding guests will add an exclusive touch to the product.

  • Individual bottles from 30m to 100ml (from 3,000 units)
  • 300ml refillable pump bottles (from 100 units)
  • Solid shampoos in a choice of 15g, 20g or 30g ++ formats (from 5K pieces)
  • Custom Soaps from 10,000 pieces for small formats.

Made in France & Italy with Luxury Fragrances designed by our Perfumer.

Bespoke Hotel Room Fragrances

Develop a collection of custom room fragrances for your brand or hotel.
We offer the possibility to develop custom packaging and labels using one of our signature fragrances in your choice of diffusion products including:

  • 100ml natural spray perfume bottles for your boutique
  • 250ml refillable trigger spray bottles for scenting guest rooms and your larger spaces
  • Reed fragrance diffusers
  • Guest Pillow Sprays (10ml – 30ml)
  • Perfumed candles
Our perfumer can also create from scratch an olfactory signature fragrance for your hotel. Personalisation starting from 100 units. 

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