Private label luxury hotel toiletries

Bespoke hotel toiletries and amenities

Are you looking to create a bespoke collection of toiletries, guest amenities or room fragrances for your hotel ? HD Fragrances is able to design, create and manufacture a personalised line of hospitality products – with every last detail designed to suit the distinctive style and ambiance of your hotel or property. The same passion and creativity used to develop our own signature brands will be used to develop your new collection or signature fragrance.

Custom guest toiletries

We can create a collection of custom hotel toiletries : personalised bathroom amenities such as soaps, shampoo, body wash, body lotion or hair conditioner. A top-of-the-range customised skin care product line : micellar water, dry body oils, exfoliating cream or bath salts can also be created.

→ Levels of personalisation :

  1. Custom label with your logo and colour palette.
  2. A specific formulation – natural products certified organic Cosmos/Eu Ecolabel/Nordic Swan or with a classic formulation, manufactured either in ITALY or FRANCE, which respect the strictest quality standards.
  3. For the most ambitious projects, we can also create an olfactory signature for an additional distinguishing touch.
  • 30ml to 50ml individual bottles (from 3,000 units)
  • 300ml or 500ml refillable pump dispensers (from 150 units)
  • Solid shampoos in a choice of 15g, 20g or 30g (from 5,000 pieces)
  • 15g-50g custom hotel soaps (starting from 10,000 units for larger formats)
  • Body care products in small series (personalisation starting from 500 units)

Bespoke hotel room fragrance diffusers and signature scents

Develop a collection of bespoke interior fragrances for your hotel or company.

We offer the possibility to develop custom packaging and labels using one of our room fragrances in your choice of diffusion. Our perfumer can also create an olfactory signature scent to match the atmosphere you are wanting to create for your hotel. 

  • 100ml natural spray perfume bottles for your boutique
  • 250ml refillable trigger spray bottles for scenting guest rooms and your larger spaces
  • Reed fragrance diffusers
  • Guest pillow sprays (10ml – 30ml)
  • Perfumed candles

Personalisation starting from 100 units. 

Personalised dry amenities and accessories

HD Fragrances can also create a line of bespoke complementary accessories for your hotel. Offer to your customers eco-responsible products with your logo or design : 

  • Vanity sets, shaving kits, paper cups and dental sets entirely made in Italy.
  • Custom slippers

Customisation is possible from 5 000 units

Custom hotel bathroom accessories