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RE SOURCE Natural Guest Toiletries

Offer your guests extra gentle products made from 98% natural origin ingredients that are gentle on the skin and kind to the environment.
We offer a full range of hair and body care products in traditional single use bottles, refillable 300ml dispensers and a new revolutionary solid shampoo for hair and body for a plastic free alternative ! 
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98% Natural Origin Ingredients – With product formulations that adhere to both Ecocert and Cosmos standards

  • Hotel cosmetics for hair, bath and shower that surpass the standards of Cosmos and ECOCERT and which contain at least 98% of natural ingredients, of which 10% of vegetable ingredients are extracted from organic farming (95% for the body lotion).
  • Extra-mild soaps made from RSPO certified palm oil without EDTA and other harmful petrochemicals.
  • An eco-responsible solution with biodegradable ingredients based on renewable plant raw materials and enhanced with a 100% recyclable packaging.
  • New solid shampoo for hair and body made from 98% ingredients from natural origins offer you the possibility for a high quality biodegradable hotel cosmetic without plastic.

The Re Source Product Collection

30ml recyclable bottles

Re Source | Organic Hotel Toiletries Collection | HD Fragrances

300ml Pump and Press & Wash Dispensers 5L Refills

Solid Shampoo for Hair & Body | Soaps

Fragrance Notes 

Fleurs d’eau

Our solid shampoos, dry body oils and body lotions are perfumed with this light unisex perfume that is fresh like spring water.
“A note of cucumber, watermelon, cucumber and sagebrush determines the start of this new fragrance. Feminine notes of rose and violet are harmoniously balanced by masculine touches of sandalwood and amber-gray.”  Olivier Decoster
Top Notes: Egyptian Geranium, Armoise, Melon, Rosewood
Heart Notes: Violet of Parma, Rose of Damascus
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Ambergris, Cedar Atlas

Citrus Verbena

Our soaps, shampoos and shower gels are perfumed with this fresh and invigorating fragrance.
“An anthology of aromatic essences. Orange, mandarin orange; citron and grapefruit compliment the essence of fresh verbena. A frizzy mint note reinforces the aromatic side of this composition. Finally, a floral rose heart softens this natural scent.”  Olivier Deocoster