re source organic hotel amenities
re source organic hotel amenities

Re SOURCE "Earth" edition | Organic Hotel Toiletries Collection

Toiletries and amenities that are genuinely organic, created with 98% natural ingredients.

Offer your visitors immaculate toiletries made up of 98% natural origin components that are extra gentle on skin whilst being environmentally friendly.

We provide a complete selection of natural bathroom toiletries (including shampoo, shower gel, body lotion and soap), accessible in classical diposable bottles, refillable dispensers of 300ml, and refill containers of 5L. Find our innovative solid soap, ideal for both hair and body, for an eco-friendly solution using no plastics. 

Product formulations comply with both Ecocert and Cosmos natural standards, featuring 98% natural origin ingredients.

• The hair, bath and shower cosmetics provided by the hotel consist of not less than 98% natural ingredients. The body lotion, on the other hand, contains at least 95% natural ingredients.
• Soaps that are extremely gentle, created using RSPO certified palm oil and free from harmful petrochemicals such as EDTA
• Offering an eco-friendly solution that contains biodegradable components derived from renewable plant-based sources in a 100% recyclable wrapping

Re Source - an organic hotel toiletries and amenities collection

Essentials for bath & body

300ml Shampoo for hair & body

300ml Hand & Body Wash

300ml Hydrating Body Lotion

20g Pure Vegetal Soap

30g Gentle Soap

30ml Shampoo

30ml Shower Gel

30ml Body Lotion

"Citrus Verbena" Olfactory Notes

A collection of fragrant oils. The aromas of orange, tangerine, citron and grapefruit come together to create the essence of verbena. Hints of effervescent mint enhance the aromatic quality of this blend. Ultimately, a delicate floral rose centre tempers this natural fragrance.

Top Notes

Lemon zest from Italy, Orange essence from Brazil, Grapefruit essence from Calabre,  Geranium from Egypt, Curly Mint, Mandarine from Spain

 Heart Notes

Absolue of Rose Centifolia, Verbena from Vietnam

Request personalized samples and get a price a quote for your hotel

Uncertain about which collection is suitable for your establishment ? Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and to have samples of your Earth-friendly “Re Source” range.

When ready, reach out to us for a bespoke quotation or visit our dedicated professionnal boutique online to make purchase

5L Shampoo, Shower Gel, Body Lotion Refills

5L Shampoo for hair & body Refill

5L Hand & Body Wash Refill

5L Hydrating Body Lotion Refill

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