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Create an olfactory signature for your hotel with perfumed room sprays


Welcome guests in a luxurious subtly fragranced environment

We offer a number of fragrance diffusion products to reinforce the olfactory ambiance our hotel clients wish to create, each designed to leave their hotel subtly scented.  Among them are perfumes for the interior in natural spray, perfumed reed diffusers, scented candles, as well as perfumed towelettes – each is made without phthalates or preservatives.

The key to success is to use an elegant yet subtle scent that is almost untraceable – blending and creating harmony in your rooms as opposed to singularly defining it.  Purity, authenticity and elegance are the keywords of inspiration from which our master perfumer has created interior perfumes.  All of these products can also be packaged for retail sale for guests to buy and use at home.

In terms of the olfactory senses, the psychological power of scent is well-established, says Olivier Decoster, perfumer and founder of HD Fragrances.   “We work very hard at creating interior fragrances designed to offer guests the ultimate relaxation experience”.  That first impression when walking into a hotel is so important.

Choose from one of our five signature fragrances.