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produits d'accueil bio Etre cosmetique

Être Cosmétique BIO  |  Luxury natural hotel cosmetics

Authentic organic guest toiletries made with up to 98% ingredients from natural origins

Offer your guests our most popular natural collection available in 30ml bottles and practical refillable 300ml pump dispenser bottles to suit your needs.

Natural clean cosmetics for hair, bath and shower that adhere to Cosmos Natural Cosmetic standards and contain up to 98% natural origin ingredients.

  • Extra-mild soaps made from renewable palm oil RSPO without EDTA and without harmful petrochemicals.

  • An eco-responsible solution with biodegradable ingredients based on renewable plant raw materials and enhanced with a 100% recyclable packaging.

  • This range proudly bears the ECORISMO label for the environment and sustainable development for the tourism sector.

produits d'accueil bio Etre cosmetique

Olfactory Notes: “Citrus Verbena”

An anthology of aromatic essences. Orange, tangerine, citron and grapefruit are the essence of verbena. A frizzy mint note reinforces the aromatic side of this composition. Finally, a floral rose heart softens this natural scent.

 Notes de Tête

Citron zestes d’Italie,  orange douce du Brésil, Pamplemousse de Calabre,  Géranium d’Egypte, Menthe crépue, Mandarine d’Espagne

 Notes de Cœur

Absolue de Rose Centifolia, Verveine du Vietnam

Product Collection

30 mL bottles

300ml Pump Dispenser Bottles and 5L Refills

15g & 20g Soaps

produits d'accueil bio ecorismo
produits d'accueil bio ecorismo