Creation of a custom fragrance for your hotel

For hotels seeking to create a distinct and captivating guest experience, HD Fragrances can create a custom signature fragrance for your hotel. Work with our perfumer Olivier Decoster to develop a fragrance that creates a memorable first impression.

Private label luxury hotel toiletries

Our Perfumer - Olivier Decoster

With protected formulas, a French high perfumery know-how, over 25 years of experience and truly exclusive creations, work with Olivier Decoster, co-founder and perfumer of HD Fragrances, to set apart your hotel by creating a custom signature scent. 

« I create fragrances that subtly form a memory and evoke the “hotel” experience whenever guests walk into the lobby or their rooms. Our perfumed products are designed to ensure a positive olfactory impression is made and remembered. »

A bespoke signature scent available in :

Luxury skin care products

Nourishing dry body oils, micellar water, exfoliating cream and bath salts.

Bathroom toiletries

Your olfactory signature in all the essentials : shampoo, shower gel, soaps, body lotions & hair conditioners.

Scent diffusers

Diffuse your tailor-made fragrance throughout your hotel or offer it for sale in reed diffusers, scented candles and sprays to your clients.

Create a range of hotel products with your custom scent

Contact us to discuss your requirements and discover our process.