Refillable Trigger Room Sprays for Hotels

Côté Sud Hotel Room Fragrances in Refillable Trigger Sprays 250ml
Room fragrances for hotels in refillable trigger sprays

Luxury hotel fragrances in a refillable and cost-effective 250 ml bottle

Our perfumed interior sprays are particularly effective in neutralising odours for small and moderate hotel spaces such as guest rooms, elevators and lavatories, spa, fitness rooms and corridors.

We highly recommend the use of refillable trigger pump room sprays for the following advantages: 

  • Highly effective in dispersing fragrance and for its cumulative effect
  • Economical – our 1 Litre refill bottles make this a long-lasting and low-cost luxury fragrance solution 
  • Plastic-free packaging – our recyclable glass bottles have unlimited reuse and are ideal for preserving our luxury room fragrances
  • Easy to use due to lightweight portable spray format (choice of 250ml and 500ml glass bottles)
  • Preservative free, the room sprays can be used directly on articles such as curtains and linens
  • Perfume concentration can be adjusted to address problem areas

The trigger spray format is the medium that offers the greatest subtlety in the perception of a perfumed composition, giving extra force to the discovery of the lead notes, the heart notes and finally the perfume’s base notes.

Why perfume your hotel with our room fragrances ?

"Haute Parfumerie" fragrances

Luxury fragrance blends created by our perfumer Olivier Decoster. We offer the choice from our best selling interior fragrances or the option to create a bespoke scent.

Highly effective diffusion

Easy to use and to refill, our trigger room sprays contain a high concentration of perfume which results in a long-lasting and cumulative scent.
You decide where and how often to refresh your signature scent.

Made in France

We use only the highest quality ingredients sourced in Grasse and around the world. Our rooms sprays are filled and prepared in our private atelier in Eygalieres to ensure highest quality control.

Choose from our 5 signature fragrances :



Bois Précieux

Majolica “Eau Verte”

Côté Sud Parfums “Agrumes de Calabre”

Côté Sud Parfums “Orange verte Néroli”