Press & Wash Wall Dispensers

Our attractive Press & Wash dispenser solution is ideal for hotels and B&B’s looking for a high quality branded cosmetic product in a hygienic closed system.

The long lasting 300ml refill bottles can be used easily with one hand and require just a small squeeze. The special opening prevents dripping and the theft proof bottles are easy to install and replace

An eco-friendly solution for your bathroom amenitites

Press & Wash dispensers for hotel toiletries
  • Large sized dispensers of shampoo and shower gel reduce the need for single use individual plastic bottles.
  • Perfect dosing also means less wastage and our option for multi purpose products means only one bottle instead of two.
  • The Press & Wash bottles are made from 50% PCR recycled materials and they are also fully recyclable.

The most hygienic dispenser solution for your guest toiletries

  • Hygienic closed system ensures full product traceability and eliminates risk of possible product contamination  
  • Tamper Proof and Theft-proof  key locking system
  • Low housekeeping costs thanks to easy handling and no need to refill and sanitize bottles – the bottle is simply replaced when empty
  • Economical as a single bottle will last approximately 3 to 4 weeks

Choose now from our signature brands or create your own

We offer the choice of one of our signature brands in either classic or organic formulations as well as the possibility to develop a bespoke packaging and fragrance.

Customization is available with a minimum order of 300 units per product.

Wall Mount Supports

  • High quality rigid plastic wall supports are available to hold our 300ml bottles in a choice of colours to suit your bathroom decor. 
  • Light weight, the wall supports are easily mounted with double sided adhesive tape or two small screws.