Phantom Dispensers

Elegant. Refillable. Discreet. Practical.

Hotel Shower shampoo Dispensers

The best eco-friendly system to reduce single use plastic

This newly engineered bottle design is securely fixed on a hidden wall support to highlight the beauty of the products. This eco-designed shampoo and shower gel dispenser with a capacity of 300 ml is easy to use, remove and refill. You can monitor the remaining amount of product through a discreet visibility window.

The invisible, easy to assemble and inexpensive ABS wall bracket is sold separately. 

The possibility of refilling and its invisible ABS wall support are the major advantages of this large capacity dispenser.

Available in all cosmetic collections.

  • Refillable and recyclable bottle
  • Visibility window for easy refilling
  • Bottle is quickly removed with a unique side key
  • Anti-theft system
  • Mini wall mount at a very economical price (the bottles are also suitable for our or your stainless steel Eco-pump holders)
  • Easy to install
  • Large choice of brands and products

Instructions for use :

  1. Insert the key into the side slot of the wall bracket . This will lift a latch with a locking function.
  2. Once the tab is up, pull the bottle up and remove the key
  3. Refill the bottle with the same product
  4. Put the bottle back in the holder, it will automatically lock once it reaches the limit.

The wall mount is easy to install either with double-sided adhesive or with screws depending on your wall covering.

The Phantom dispenser system in 60 seconds