Côté Sud Luxury hotel toiletries collection by HD Fragrances

Luxury Hotel Toiletries Collections

Our signature brands of luxury hotel toiletries were created to meet the growing demand for discreet, small scale luxury brands with a story behind them. Each collection is identifiable by their high quality, unique stylish packaging design and exclusive fragrances by the perfumer Olivier Decoster.  

We use only the safest eco-friendly formulations without harmful preservatives such as parabens or phthalates, and design each collection to subtly create an olfactory memory that will set our hotel clients apart from the competition. 

Let HD Fragrances’ luxury guest collections, perfumery know-how, taste of perfection and passion for all things beautiful add character to your hotel interior. 

Niche guest amenities and cosmetic ranges designed for luxury hotels

The result is a range of fragrance and bath and body care products whose credentials are unequivocal and that bring a touch of elegance to luxury boutique hotels.  Every detail, from the creation of the scent to the packaging is designed ‘in-house’.  

Our luxury hotel toiletries are made according to our own expert created formulas in France and Italy with clean skin friendly ingredients and blended with fragrances according to the traditional art of fine perfumery. 

Available in 30-35ml bottles and 300ml refillable dispenser bottles made from recycled plastic.  5L refill containers are available for all products. 

Côté Sud Parfums guest toiletries for hotels, Airbnb's, vacation properties

Côté Sud Parfums

Côté Sud Parfums is a French luxury brand of toiletries designed for hotels and high end vacation rentals. Our collection was inspired by the Mediterranean, evoking memories of sun-drenched days and starry nights. The luxury hotel toiletries, hair and body care products, and hotel room fragrances in our Côté Sud Parfums collection will transport your guests to a warm, luxurious beach resort on the Riviera no matter where you hotel is located.

Featuring a delightful citrus floral scent reminiscent of the beautiful Mediterranean coast, wrapped in a sleek design, the Côté Sud Parfums collection is sure to evoke fond memories of their stay.

Luxury hotel toiletries

About Rose Love Letters

This exclusive collection pays tribute to a woman famous for her beauty and love for rare flowers

The Love Letters fragrance is a floral scent heavy on woods and amber with an aura of refined well-tailored elegance. The stylish classic packaging will transform your rooms into a luxurious palace. 

Luxury hotel toiletries
The About Rose Imperial luxury hotel toiletries collection

About Rose Imperial

Pure, unadulterated luxury. A guest toiletry collection inspired by the 19th century, Josephine de Beauharnais, one of the most celebrated women of her time. With a sophisticated and elegant unisex fragrance inspired by this remarkable woman whose passion for nature, the arts and interior design left an important mark on French culture. As unique as it is beautiful, the stylish classic packaging will add character to any interior.

This sophisticated perfume opens on head notes of tangerine, cedar wood and black current with hints of spice. The heart is floral with velvety iris, violet and vetiver.  The base is warm and deep with lingering notes of amber, smoky incense and musk. 

exclusive toiletries range for luxury boutique hotels


This range of luxurious high quality hotel cosmetics combines the artistic touch of the Renaissance with a fragrance, fresh, modern and contemporary created by the perfumer Olivier Decoster. The look was inspired by the elegant hand crafted ceramics of the same name that gained celebrity during the Renaissance when a collection of Majolica signified affluence and good taste.

Your guests will love the elegant and subtle fragrance made with green tea, citrus and rare flower essences.

exclusive toiletries range for luxury boutique hotels

Create a luxury bath and shower experience for your guests

Our unique collections of luxury hotel toiletries were designed especially for prestigious hotels, luxury chateaux, bed & breakfasts and upscale rental properties. With the most innovative packaging design, exceptional quality and wonderful fragrances, our complete range of hospitality toiletries guarantees to transform your bathrooms into a delightful luxury experience for every guest.

Our shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap and body lotions can be found in luxury hotel rooms in France and across Europe and can also be bought by your clients for use at home at our online store AboutRose.com

Offer your guests one of our four ranges of exclusive hotel amenities to provide the ultimate bath and shower experience by combining safe and skin friendly cosmetic formulas and unique fragrances.

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