Eco-friendly Hotel Toiletries & Amenities

Refillable Dispensers Solid Shampoo Bars Plastic Free Amenities

Eco-friendly hotel amenities and toiletries are now more than a growing trend, they are the new imperative for responsible customer savvy hotels. We offer the choice between plastic free single use hotel products and attractive refillable dispenser bottle solutions to best suit your clientele and budget requirements. Our solutions will help reduce wastage and plastic use while delivering safe, hygienic, and high quality green hospitality products.

organic hotel toiletries and amenities
plastic-free solid shampoo bars for hotels

Refillable Pump dispensers

For hotels looking to reduce single-use plastic with eco-friendly, sustainable yet economical toiletries, we offer refillable pump bottles that can be securely mounted on your bathroom or shower wall. Our 5 Litre refills are available to refill your pump bottles. Elegant pump bottles are offered in a range of sizes (250ml/300ml/500ml) made either from 100% recycled plastic, glass or stainless steel. Your shampoo and shower gels can be mounted in either single or double variant stainless steel wall brackets.

Plastic-free Guest Toiletries

We offer a wide range of individual-sized plastic-free bath and body care products to ensure a luxury welcome. Ideal for guests who prefer not to share.  2-in-1 solid shampoo bars, dry body oils in 10ml glass bottles, perfect sized guest soaps for hands and body washing. New individual-sized bottles made from biodegradable plant-derived bioplastics (PLA) are also now available. Small perfect sized individual products are the new way to pamper your guests while reducing waste and your carbon footprint. 

Eco Amenities & Accessories

Offer your guests high-quality bathroom accessories and amenities to make their stay even more comfortable. In keeping with our eco-friendly philosophy, we supply a range of plastic-free vanity, dental, shaving sets etc.. – made from sustainable materials including bamboo and biodegradable PLA. We favour 100% tree-free stone paper wrapping and recycled carton boxes. Our comfortable washable fleece slippers can be reused up to 4 times. Choose from one of our collections or create your own custom range.

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